OFX is committed to making your live event go off without a hitch. We supply sound, lighting, and video to all types of productions, including concerts, banquets, coffee houses, theatrical performances, and church services. Although our systems may be designed with the church market in mind, we also handle many other events, such as corporate meetings, private parties, and community gatherings. We value the union of technology with the arts, and work creatively with your team to accomplish innovating shows. Whether it is a simple system or a complete production, OFX can provide the design, technicians, and equipment necessary to reach your audience.

OFX brings creative technical resources to a variety of markets including churches, ministries, theaters, schools, corporations, and the local community.



OFX designers are available to see your system through from the initial drawings to the final team meeting. Our technicians are knowledgeable and courteous. Our designers are honest and sensitive to your budget. They remain completely impartial to manufacturers because we care about the utility and effectiveness of every piece of gear we install. Our installs are tested for potential problems and guaranteed for it’s first year of operation. We are motivated by our belief that a church AV system should be designed by a company that understand the worship environment.


There are many other services OFX offers including but not limited to equipment sales, training, rentals, long term leasing, and event management. If you're not sure if we do something feel free to ask.

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